Central Sterile Processing

The financial and patient safety implications of inefficiencies in the Sterile Processing Department can severely impact your hospital's costs.

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Reduce costs from SSIs and procedure delays related to Central Sterile issues

Improving equipment and protocol in the Central Sterile Services Department and Operating Theatre can greatly reduce costs from related SSIs and procedure delays.

O&M Halyard provides an array of strategic support services and resources expressly designed to assist the Central Sterile Services in achieving its goals and maintaining its edge in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

Our products and resources make it easy for you to...

  • Stay up to date on the most relevant clinical studies
  • Optimise Central Sterile Processing efficiency
  • Empower your Sterile Processing Technicians through education
  • Achieve financial objectives

…All with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

Make a change for the better!

Sterility Maintenance Study

Sterility Maintenance Study

Evaluation of sterilised rigid containers and wrapped instruments to prevent bacterial ingress.

Sterilisation Wrap or Rigid Containers?

A recent study showed – after terminal sterilisation – that 100%1 of the sterilised packaged wrapped in HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap remained sterile whereas 87%1 of rigid sterilisation containers did not maintain sterility through transport and handling. 

An O&M HALYARD* Account Manager can assist you in an analysis of your Central Sterile Services Department needs to gather information in the following key areas: 

  • Inaccurate cross references 
  • Unaccounted for costs (overhead/utilities, Operating Theatre downtime) 
  • Competitive analytics


Rigid Container Leak Test Demo

There should be a complete seal between the lid and the bottom of each of your rigid containers. Learn how to test for barrier breaches.

Rigid Container Dollar Bill Leak Test Demo

To maintain sterility, rigid containers should provide a complete and proper seal. To check your container seals, all you need is a crisp dollar bill!

QUICK CHECK* Sterilization Wrap

QUICK CHECK* Sterilization Wrap is the fast, easy way to ensure that instrument sterility is uncompromised.

QUICK CHECK* patented design with two contrasting layers – translucent and opaque – bonded together, help save time inspecting trays.

Quick Check Sterilization Wrap has a balance of properties that work together to aid in ideal wrap performance. The result is confidence you can see, helping to save time and money while protecting patients from infection.

  • Up to 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency via patented POWERGUARD* Technology.
  • Patented DAISY DESIGN* Bond Pattern aids in strength, provides abrasion resistance, and allows for optimal sterilant penetration and evacuation.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces superior strength in both directions.
  • Low linting as measured by the Gelbo Lint Test.

  • Improved inspection time.
  • Faster wrapping.
  • Superior protection.
  • USA made.

QUICK CHECK* Sterilisation Wrap

QUICK CHECK* Sterilisation Wrap

QUICK CHECK* Sterilisation Wrap is the fast, easy way to ensure that instrument sterility is uncompromised.

Additional products

HALYARD* Sterilization Pouches

HALYARD* Sterilization Pouches

Our extensive range of reliable, high quality HALYARD* Sterilization Pouches to meet your sterility needs.
HALYARD* Sequential Sterilization Wrap

HALYARD* Sequential Sterilization Wrap

The world’s leading sterilization wrap, now available in sheet sizes and compact packages, designed for individual medical and dental practices


1 Harry L. Shaffer MS*, Delbert A. Harnish MS*, Michael McDonald MS, Reid A. Vernon BS, Brian K. Heimbuch MS*. Sterility maintenance study: Dynamic evaluation of sterilized rigid containers and wrapped instrument trays to prevent bacterial ingress. Am J Infect Control. 2015 Dec;43(12)1336–1341 

* Harry L. Shaffer MS, Delbert A. Harnish MS, and Brian K. Heimbuch MS contributed to/authored the above article at the time they had a financial consulting relationship with Halyard Health, Inc.; however, they were not compensated by Halyard Health, Inc. for their respective contributions/authorship of the article. 

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