One Wipe to Clean ‘n’ Disinfect

Environmental cleaning and disinfection are crucial in preventing transmission of infection in the healthcare environment.1

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

HALYARD* 2n1* WIPE kills a wide spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms including:

One Wipe to Clean ‘n’ Disinfect

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  • Removes 50% more blood, bodily fluids and soils.3
  • Up to 2 times more durable.4
  • 40% better wet strength.5
  • Less than half the lint.6

In comparison to the current QAC market leader.

(Kills in 1 min).

  • Klebsiella pneumonia (CRE).
  • S. aureaus (MRSA).
  • E. faecium (VRE).


  • Covid-19 – KILLS IN 30 SECONDS.
  • Influenza A – KILLS IN 1 MINUTE.
  • Norovirus – KILLS IN 1 MINUTE.


  • Candida albicans.

When is disinfection required in addition to cleaning?

Although cleaning can successfully reduce the microbial load on surfaces, there are some circumstances where disinfection is also required.

Surfaces should be physically cleaned with a detergent solution followed or combined with a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)-listed hospital grade disinfectant with label claims specifying its effectiveness against specific infectious organisms when:2

  • There is uncertainty about the nature of soiling on the surface (blood or body fluids vs routine dust and dirt).
  • The presence of multi-resistant organisms or other infectious agents requiring Transmission Based Precautions is known or suspected.
  • There are frequently touched surfaces and items in Extreme Risk areas.

About Surface Disinfectants

The role of environmental cleaning is to reduce the number of infectious agents that may be present on surfaces and minimize the risk of transfer of microorganisms from one person/object to another, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

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  1. When used in accordance with the directions for use, using HALYARD* 2n1* Wipes reduces the risk of certain pathogens.
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