We devised a project we named ‘Milk Run’ with one main objective, to improve supply chain solutions across five metro zones in NSW. “We specifically want to provide our customers with a more reliable and efficient delivery service”, Honnie Barnard, Head of Customer Service and Outbound Operations.

The milk run, named after a process from a bygone era, where milk was delivered to each house continuously each day, sees one main change in the way we provide products to customers; we now schedule deliveries across a specific geographical area in a logistical sequence, consolidating multiple shipments into a single trip.

The five Metro NSW zones are each allocated a dedicated team who works together to implement delivery schedules, allowing us to manage our resources better and ensuring the timely delivery of products cost-effectively.

The main change to our delivery process is that orders no longer pass through the Toll depot, removing potential sorting errors, split deliveries, and additional handling and depot-related delays. Subsequently, we see reduced ‘lost in transit’ and damage claims, lower transport costs, and improved operating efficiencies.

Implementing our milk run delivery system has been a great success, with 535 deliveries made so far and 99% delivered on time (before 3 pm).

Consolidating multiple deliveries into a single trip helps optimize routing, minimize distance travelled and the total number of trips, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and lessen our environmental impact.

This new supply chain solution ensures a more personalized service where we continue building stronger customer relationships.