Optimizing the SPD with Transportation Carts and Instrument Trays

Reducing touchpoints of sterilized instrument trays in order to reduce breaches has been a focus of the HALYARD* and BELINTRA SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® for years. However, protecting sterilized instruments goes beyond storage. Starting with the instrument tray selected all the way to the transportation of the tray to the OR and then transportation of used sets back to the SPD for decontamination, the STERISYSTEM® has the solutions you need to keep items sterile while protecting patients and staff.

Sterilization Instrument Trays with Steri-TOP Lids

STERISYSTEM® DRY-BASE® sterile instrument trays are designed to meet the criteria for optimal sterilization. As an FDA 510(k) cleared medical device, these stainless steel instrument trays are manufactured to provide a smooth finish to reduce the risk of breaches in sterilization wrap. The Steri-TOP lids have built in silicone corner protectors allowing for ergonomic opening and closing of the instrument tray while helping to ensure that trays remain closed during the sterilization process.

Open and Closed Transportation Carts

With the number of trays needed for OR cases increasing, the total weight of transportation carts is on the rise. To help limit injuries, SPDs need carts that are easy to load, maneuver and push. The STERISYSTEM® STERICART® offers various size configurations along with open and closed transportation cart options to address your transportation needs in the SPD.

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