In Australia, approximately 165,000 healthcare associated infections occur in health facilities every year, consuming significant healthcare resources and causing great suffering to patients.1,2 However, most of these infections can be prevented with the implementation of effective infection prevention and control measures, including environmental cleaning.2

Make the switch to a One step Cleaning & Disinfection with

  • Effective and rapid removal of blood and bodily fluids from surfaces3
  • Light fabric made from 100% polypropylene to facilitate bactericidal efficacy4,5
  • Designed to eliminate the need for separate cleaning and disinfection process by combining into a single process
  • Kills Bacteria including CRE, VRE and MRSA6
  • Kills Viruses including Covid-19, Influenza-A and Norovirus6
  • Kills Yeast-Candida albicans6
  • Entered in the ARTG as hospital grade disinfectant ARTG 426330
  • Strong and durable wipe7 with low linting8
  • Fragrance free9
  • Suitable for hard surfaces9

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Available at:
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