United States Pharmacopoeia is a compendium recognized officially by the FDA and contains descriptions, uses, test methods, strengths, and levels of required purity for selected drugs and devices.

Method used to prevent the spread of infectious agents. All human blood and body fluids are treated as if known to be infectious. Now commonly referred to as Standard Precautions.

Blood toxicity caused by kidney failure.


The length of time a diluted product can remain active and effective. The stability of the chemical and the storage conditions (e.g., temperature and presence of air, light, organic matter, or metals) determine the use-life of antimicrobial products.

United States Pharmacopoeia

Urinary-Tract Infection

Underwriters Laboratories

Utilizing ultrasound to place navigation and catheter needle during CL insertion has improved successful placement and reduced vascular and tissue injury.

UL is an organization which evaluates products using specific safety tests.