No or under ventilation of any part of the lung or even a whole lung. Can usually be corrected with mechanical ventilation. Open suctioning is a significant risk factor for atelectasis.

Narrowing and obstruction of circulatory vessels; most common cause of ischemia.

A hereditary tendency to develop IgE-mediated states of hypersensitivity, such as hay fever.

Adenosine Triphosphate

American Thoracic Society

The process of causing genetic changes to weaken a pathogen, rendering it nonpathogenic usually for use as a vaccine.

Process of listening for sounds within the body (e.g., breathing, heart beat, vascular passage, abdominal viscera).

A machine utilizing pressurized steam that enters a chamber to render items sterile. Most professional steam sterilizers also utilize a vacuum mechanisms to ultimately increase steam penetration early in the cycle and remove it rapidly at cycle completion.

A disease in which the body produces antibodies against its own cells and tissues leading to injury from ones own immune system.

From oneself.