Effective Solutions for Surgical Pain Relief


I-Flow offers solutions for regional anaesthesia and pain management in Australia and New Zealand.

The solutions are redefining the standard of care for post-operative recovery, featuring clinically effective, cost efficient solutions for surgical pain relief as well as surgical site care. These innovative clinical solutions are designed to improve patient outcomes by accelerating patient recovery and return to normal activities.

ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q® SilverSoaker™ gets patients back to normal faster by automatically and continuously delivering a local anaesthetic, to relieve post-op pain, through an antimicrobial (SilvaGard®) catheter.

ON-Q C-bloc Continuous Nerve Block System

ON-Q C-bloc is a continuous peripheral nerve block system that slowly infuses local anaesthetic near a nerve for effective pain relief. A simple and reliable system, ON-Q C-bloc is an economic alternative to electronic pumps.

Needles and Catheters

A range of needles, catheters and trays is also available for use with the On-Q* Pain Relief System.

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