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Kendall’s an outstanding athlete, a figure-skating champion-and allergic to just about every food there is. She’s thriving thanks to the MIC-KEY* feeding tube.
Tracy Ashworth never thought a warm autumn afternoon playing in a pile of leaves in the backyard eight years ago would lead to her daughter's need for a feeding tube.
“The ON-Q was a constant source of pain relief that I didn’t have to worry about. I was amazed how quickly I was up and about. It helped me stay ahead of my pain.”
- Deidra from California

Enteral Feeding


Introducing the digital world of MIC*/MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes designed to help you learn best Use & Care practices.

User & Caregiver Website

Learn best Use & Care practices on our website focused on Enteral Feeding Tube Users & Caregivers.

Home Care Ventilated Patients

  • Clinical Resources are included specifically for Home Care Ventilated Patients and their Caregivers:
    •  Trach Care* Home Care Guide
    •  Pediatric Tracheostomy Measure Depth Suction Card
    •  Home Care Video
    •  Instructional Poster
    •  “TrachHome” Facebook Page Link
  • Downloadable pdfs, videos and other tools
  • Printable
  • Continuously updated


HALYARD* TRACH CARE* Instructional VideoHALYARD* TRACH CARE* Instructional PosterHALYARD* TRACH CARE* Home Care Guide

A reference guide for Home Care pediatric trachesostomy patients.

HALYARD* Pediatric Tracheostomy Measured Depth Suction Card

Reference tool for determining proper suction depth for neonatal and pediatric patients using HALYARD* Ballard* Neonatal and Pediatric Trach Care*Closed Suction Systems.