Welcome to the HALYARD* Surgical Drapes Virtual Reality Experience

This Virtual Reality (VR) experience takes you on a journey through a Halyard* Surgical Drape. 

You will be able to immerse yourself in the different layers of the drape and visually see how the drape is structured at a microscopic level.

Drapes VR Image

You have an option of a guided tour, which is a VR video that takes you through all aspects of the Halyard Drape Difference and the drape layer visualisation, or alternately you can choose the visualisation option which takes you straight to the layer visualisation.

To start the experience, click on the link. Once it is loaded, choose the ‘Start VR-only mode’ for a fully immersive experience using your mobile phone and VR headset. If you are using a tablet, laptop or desktop, choose the ‘Start touch/mouse mode’ for a 3D experience.

Start the VR Experience now!