Halyard is changing the game in sterilization packaging.

Our new approach “Confidence. Pass it on.” represents your need for confidence in the integrity of sterilization packaging and the commitment of Halyard to help achieve this confidence.



Knowledge gives you the confidence to deliver your best every day. Halyard has a wealth of practical and meaningful support including in-service training and clinical and technical consultancy programs, please review our Halyard Educational Offerings.

Within our HALYARD* Education Foundation we offer educational events and clinical workshops that attract continuing education credit.


Protect your sterilized instruments with Halyard manufactured SMS fabric which features excellent bacterial efficiency supported by external testing to provide the manufacturers data needed for informed clinical decision making. Halyard Compliance to ISO 11607-1:2006.


Halyard takes responsibility for the environment and is committed to sustainable practices. Our sterilization wraps are manufactured using 100% polypropylene which may be recycled or handled in land fill with safety. Please review our “Sustainability Report 2011”.

Use Once. Recycle always. Activate a recycling program for your used sterilization wrap. The KIMGUARD* Sterile Wrap Recycling Program is available to hospitals in cities throughout Australia.


We have been listening to our customers and coming soon are new innovative solutions to make sterilization packaging easier to wrap, easier to open and easier to get right the first time, every time.

KIMGUARD ONE-STEP* Quick Check* Sterilization Wrap
Provides users with rapid visual reassurance that the wrap is free from tears, cuts and holes to confirm sterility is intact.

KIMGUARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap
Revolutionise the way you wrap and unwrap sterile packaging with this unique new product. Key product features ensure faster wrapping and unwrapping as well as fewer trays being returned for reprocessing due to damaged wrap.