Get Totally Comfortable With High Level Protection

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AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns combine unprecedented comfort, softness and breathability with maximum protection against fluids and pathogens.1

The result is a surgical gown that’s like nothing else in the OR today.

  • Meets AAMI Level 4 standard, providing the highest level of both fluid and microbial protection in the critical zones2
  • Proprietary fabric technology allows moisture vapor to escape while maintaining a high performance barrier3
  • Designed to keep your OR staff both cool and protected during long, fluid-intensive procedures4
  • Highest rating for resistance to ignition from surgical lasers5
  • Excellent abrasion and lint resistance6

View our AERO CHROME* Virtual Reality Video here to see why this Surgical Gown offers the ultimate protection and comfort.

  1. Meets ASTM F1671 in the critical zones (ties, fabric, sleeve seams), per AAMI PB70:2012 Level 4
  2. Meets AAMI Level 4, AAMI PB70:2012, EN13795 High Performance
  3. ASTM F1671, MOCON and cup crush testing
  4. ISO 22610 (wet),ISO 22612 (dry), ASTM F1671 and ASTM F1670, Hydrohead-20811
  5. Per ISO 11810
  6. Per EN Resistance to Linting and Particulates test data. Abrasion resistant per Martindale test method