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2016 was a good year for Halyard Health. Earnings and revenues were strong; our medical
devices business led solid growth and demand across the company. We exceeded our goals
for innovation, smoothly integrated a significant acquisition and overall, further established
ourselves as a leading medical devices company.

But as a responsible corporate citizen, we are more than our financial results. This is reflected in our mission statement: to advance health and healthcare by preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery, and in our Halyard brand promise, which reflects our belief that good health is fundamental to individual achievement and societal advancement. It’s also reflected in the way we operate — how we conduct ourselves ethically, treat our employees, work with our suppliers, support our communities, ensure quality products, conserve resources, respect the environment, and ensure a safe workplace. All of this is generally referred to as corporate responsibility, but for us, it’s just who we are.

In this, our third Corporate Citizenship Report, you will see data and examples that reflect our culture, principles and personality. It includes stories about operating safely, contributing to our communities, and what we as a corporate family have accomplished, and intend to accomplish, going forward.

We are committed to being a diverse, inclusive company; to being ethical and transparent in
our actions, as you will see in this report. These are priorities for us and we will continue to
actively address and make progress on them.

What this report cannot capture are the everyday generosities, attitude and overall compassion of our employees. They are the heart of Halyard Health — and the reason we’ve been successful.

Thank you for your interest in Halyard Health and in reading our Citizenship Report. Your
thoughts, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, and I invite you to share them with us at Communications_ANZ@hyh.com.


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Corporate Citizenship


NSW Sustainability Advantage Program

HALYARD Australia is a Bronze member of the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Water NSW Sustainability Advantage Program.