Halyard Donates to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

As part of the launch of CORPAK Medsystems in Australia and New Zealand, Halyard Health has donated $3,000 to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. This non-profit organisation supports adults and children with physical and neurological disability caused by damage to the brain during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Every 15 hours an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy – making it the most common physical disability in childhood.

Money donated to the Cerebral Palsy alliance is used to reduce waiting times for life-changing equipment such as wheelchair ramps, speech-generating devices for computers or to help purchase an iPad with specialised apps to help communicate with family and friends.

This equipment can make an enormous difference to the lives of people with this life-long physical disability.

The donation was gratefully received by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.