HALYARD HEALTH 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report

We are excited to announce the official launch of the inaugural HALYARD HEALTH 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report. This is the standard reporting form for most public companies providing information about our environmental and social impacts, including emissions information, required in Australia, Europe and the US.

The report was prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative G4 "Core" reporting standards. It covers the time period from January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014. The information contained within the report are Halyard's alone, this does include the time when Halyard was still the Health Care division of Kimberly-Clark. You may notice that this report contains strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. The transparency in reporting opportunities is an acknowledgement of strength in this type of reporting.

Halyard's key achievements noted within the report

  • Maintained 99.79% landfill-free of manufacturing waste by identifying value added opportunities for materials.
  • Directly helped 200+ hospitals recycle wrap through Blue ReNew. The program represents hospitals diverting approximately 3 Million lbs. of wrap from landfill annually.
  • Run our manufacturing facilities using 78% renewable energy, due to the use of biomass from wood at our glove plants in Thailand. The overall result is an 8% reduction in emissions over 2010 baseline. Our goal was a 5% absolute reduction.
  • Maintain a world-class safety record with zero fatalities and .15 reportable incidents per 100 employees. This is an outstanding accomplishment, but our goal remains zero reportable incidents.
  • Our donations helped MedShare International provide $4.5 million of Halyard products to needy clinics and hospitals, globally.

See the full report here: Halyard Health 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report.

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